Pictured below are some very popular colors. Left to right brown & black hides, white Charley hides. There are too many colors to show everything so please contact me with inquires.

There are 4 sizes of hair on hides the smallest are calf hides approximately 3ft.x3ft and cost $99. Below are pictured just a few examples of a very wide variety of all natural colors.

The hides are all natural hair on hides. The cowhides are all from cows raised and processed in Brazil. There are hides coming from many countries that are not of comparable quality. There are hides from cows raised in other countries that are processed in Brazil. They are still not the quality of Brazilian cows raised and processed in Brazil. The saying "you get what you pay for" can't be any more true than with cowhides. I can offer the very best quality at prices that are more than comparable with anybody out there.

Pictured below are examples of the spotted hides. Left to right classic black & white Holstein, brown & white large spotted longhorn, Small spots black and white, small spots black brown & white.

The hides are used primarily as an area rug. There are many other uses including wall hangings, bed cover, bannister, table and furniture cover, etc. As a rug, cowhide can provide years of beauty and durability with minimal care. The hides lay well because they are so soft and supple. The soft suede literally grips the surface. Cleaning is simple. With light wear you can shake or beat the hide or vacuum without the brushes running (suction only). The hides natural oils resist staining. Clean with damp cloth or soft brush with mild non abrasive soap rubbing with the grain. In a high traffic area you can rotate the hide to avoid excessive wear. For any creases or wrinkles you can use an iron on a hot steam setting and iron the hair side the same way you would iron an article of clothing.

Below- a very small amount of the huge variety of colors available on the print calf hides. $119

​ The hides are available in an endless array of colors. Pictured above and below are brindle colors available from light to dark with or without the white edges. 

Danny Boy Enterprises

​​Also available are MEDIUM hides 28-35 sq.ft. approximately 6ft. x 5ft. $245                                    LARGE hides are 36-42 sq. ft. approximately 7ft. x 6ft. $295   

XL hides are 43-47 sq. ft. approximately 8ft. x 7.5 $350-$375  Depending on certain colors      

Also available are XXL and larger hides for $375 and above depending on size and color.